Pintyplus Tech Wall Paint

Say goodbye to the hassle of preparing and cleaning your tools for paint a wall

Pintyplus Tech Wall Paintis an acrylic water-based paint specially designed for quick and easy home wall painting. It has a high coverage power in a fan pattern and is very easy to apply. Achieve great leveling intuitively. It has high performance, covering up to 10m2 on white walls and 6m2 on colored walls. Being water-based, it barely smells and can be used indoors.

Main characteristics:

EASY TO APPLY: suitable for any user

WATER BASED: ideal for indoor use

MATT FINISH: pure white color

HIGH COVERAGE: in a single layer

LOW ODOR: because its water-based formula

FAST DRY: in 10 minutes.

Applications and how to use

  • It can be used in entire rooms or wall sections
  • Save time: paint 10m2 in 10 minutes. Superficial dry past 10 minutes
  • Wide fan nozzle for greater paint. It doesn’t drip.
  • Can be removed with soap and water in the first 15 minutes (before it dries) in case was stained an object accidentally.

In short, Pintyplus Tech Wall Paint is an innovative product that allows you to paint the rooms in your house, saving time and effort and achieving a perfect finish.



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