Mission and vision

Create and sell spray paint for all type of uses and users, under our brand.

We want to become the reference in the spray paint sector not necessarily because of the volume but for quality and the services given, at a fair price.

The beginnings

The first spray paint manufactured in Spain came under the legendary brand name Spray Color that was born in our facilities in 1981. A synthetic paint, which entered for the first time into the lines of the hardware stores when in that time the spray, was being used very occasionally for determined retouching.

Evolucion Spray Color a Pintyplus


As the spray was gaining followers, the first national competitors appeared. Interestingly, those led to the evolution of Spray Color becoming a brand called Pintyplus, since it was being considered a product name and therefore could not be used as a brand.

In this way, starting from the original Spray Color we decided to pass the relay to Pintyplus Basic. A completely renovated paint formulated with the latest generation raw materials, being more efficient and cleaner adapted to the reality of the moment. An all-road paint capable of competing in all markets with an undeniable quality.

In time, more ranges and specialties came under the Pintyplus brand, such as Aqua, Evolution, Tech or the world’s first water based chalk spray paint.

The Present

Nowadays we continue working with the same enthusiasm to offer multiple solutions with different families and specialties. Our clients are professionals from different sectors (wood, metal, mechanics, etc.) as well as decoration, handicraft or DIY enthusiasts. We really like what we do, but we even more like what people do with what we do.

The future

We want to improve the aerosol paint sector so that the future generations enjoy a clean and efficient technology. To do this, we continue to innovate in products and applications that allow us to continue moving forward together.


 We share our knowledge.

  • On DIY TV shows such as Bricomania, Decogarden, Ideal World, The Taste of the Old and on many other broadcasts from other markets.
  • At fairs and events for DIY and handicrafts such as Eurobrico, Vintage Piac, Creative World and many others in several markets.
  • At points of sale with demonstrative workshops.
  • In social networks with video-tutorials and demonstrations.

A well-trained consumer will be critical of what they find in the market and if we do it well he will turn into the best prescriber.


Our R & D laboratory constantly works with new materials to make aerosols more respectful for people and the environment. We were the first in Europe to launch a water-based spray paint and we currently have three ranges based on this future technology, free of aggressive solvents or harmful to the environment.

The preoccupation for the environment is transferred to our client through the upcycling or circular economy.

Pintyplus supportive

Commitment and ethics are present in our DNA. That is why we feel committed to our customers, employees, collaborators and consumers with whom we try to maintain long lasting and sincere relationships.

We collaborate constantly with ‘Intermón Oxfam’ and others associations in very interesting projects.

Pintyplus supportive

We get directly to any point of the national and international territory, helping locally our nearest neighbors. Through our spray paints we act directly in cities and towns where our ambassadors live with remodeling projects that serve to promote the neighborhood as foundations or any solidarity activity that is provided.

We also collaborate with other causes and always ready to lend a hand with our paints and our work.

Our commitment

  • Product quality (A + France certificate in most of our aerosols).
  • Process quality with ISO 9001: 2015 certification.
  • Work with the utmost respect for people and the environment.
  • Listen, contribute and share knowledge.

Other data

  • Present in more than 30 countries.
  • More than 8 million year of turnover.
  • Own production plant.
  • 3 packaging lines.
  • 10% of the workforce in control and R & D.
  • Two logistics warehouses strategically located on both sides of Europe: Tarragona (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary).
  • Registered trademarks: Pintyplus, NBQ, 1st Edition and Greenox.