spray gun be a pintypluser

Pintyplus gun for spray paints

The Pintyplus gun for spray paints is a universal gun-shaped gadget for all types of aerosols. The “Be a Pintypluser” gun has been designed to improve the experience of painting offering a fatigue-free spraying. The gun mechanism is simple and at the same time very robust.

Unlike other gadgets for sprays, the paint does not build up in the bottom of the gun avoiding any paint dripping.


  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Easy handling.
  • Universal use that fits most aerosol cans available on the market. No matter the length or the diameter of the can.
  • Very durable. Product lifetime for at least 500 aerosols.

How to use it:

In order to place the aerosol can correctly, the end of the gun barrel must be positioned on the upper part of the can. We will make sure that the paint exit orifice faces out. We will pressure a little bit to fit the can inside the gun. Afterwards, we will check again the correct positon of the paint exit orifice. If it’s not fitted correctly, you should turn then the can keeping it vertically, until the correct position is reached.

Now you just need to activate the trigger and begin spraying normally.

When you have finished, apply a contrary pressure to remove the aerosol can from the gun. Do not forget to turn the can upside down until only gas comes out.

Parts of the gun:

It has a holding ring where the aerosol can is fitted. The material is robust and flexible enough to allow an unlimited number of attachments and removals.

It is provided with a trigger which when activated presses the aerosol dispenser which shoots the paint.
The ergonomic handle allows you to paint comfortably and continuously without interruptions.

The “Be a PintyPluser” slogan is printed on one side of the gun while on the other you will see the address of our blog: www.shakingcolors.com, which we invite you to visit.