PTFE grease spray Pintyplus Oil

Fluid white lithic-quality PTFE grease spray by Pintyplus Oil with mineral oil. It offers long-lasting greasing under moist and temperature extreme conditions. It provides effective adherence. Resistant to water. Great anti-corrosive power and high wear-resistant capacity. Working conditions between –35 and 170ºC. A clean product with low toxicity.

Applications of the PTFE grease

Applicable as lubrication for slow and rapid bearings at high temperatures such as: fan, oven and electrical machine bearings. Recommended in bearings of vibrating and oscillating machines, roller bearings, gears chains, joints…

Spray can 520/400ml.

How to apply the PTFE grease:

Shake the can vigorously during 1 minute after the mixing balls sound.
Shake slightly the can and spray till forming a film in order to lubricate and protect metallic surfaces.
Do not use on devices connected to the power grid and apply in ventilated areas.