Repositionable adhesive spray, colorless and solvent-based. It is especially recommended for professional and craft uses. Stick and take off as many times as you want. It provides maximal performances for universal uses.

Applications of the repositionable adhesive

This repositionable adhesive in spray is perfect for stencils or templates temporarily. Once removed, leave no adhesive residue.

It’s indicated for the semi-permanent joining of lightweight materials permitting the pieces to be separated and joined several times: paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, felt, Formica, carpet, cork, fiberglass laminates, metal sheets, foams, etc.

Ideal for its use in photography workshops, printing, models, etc.

Size 520/400ml

Instructions for use of the repositionable adhesive

Before using the product shake the can vigorously for one minute.

The materials to be bonded must be clean and dry.

Apply a thin and uniform layer of adhesive onto one or both surfaces to be joined. Wait until the solvent evaporates: Under normal working conditions, the evaporation time varies between 1 and 5 minutes.  After this time you can easily join the treated surfaces. These times depend on the materials used, environmental conditions and the amount of adhesive applied.

Apply the product on one or both surfaces you wish to bond and allow the solvent to evaporate (between 1-5 min.) Afterwards, simply bond the two surfaces. You will be able to lift and reposition it several times.

Once the operation is completed reverse the can and push the nozzle until only gas comes out in order to prevent nozzle clogging.

Tips for the Pintyplus adhesive in spray

The product allows you to transform the stencils into adhesives in a moment with just a layer applied to the surface. You will be able to stick, paint and detach as many times as you want. If the adhesive loses adherence, you may spray the product again.

Do not use on devices connected to the electrical network and apply in ventilated areas.

Once empty, the spray must be deposited in the yellow container.