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18 New colors of water-based spray paint

At Pintyplus we are specialists in spray paint and other chemical products packaged in aerosol. We have been manufacturers since 1981 and were the first to manufacture water-based acrylic spray paint in glossy colors worldwide. We are also pioneers in chalk spray paint, when in 2015 we were able to package this fantastic formulation in water-based and aerosol.

We know that the future lies in water-based spray paints and that is the objective of our R&D department, one of the most renowned in the world of spray paint in Europe. We want to continue growing in this field and that is why we constantly innovate.

Matte colors in water-based

To our assortment of water-based matte spray colors that has been delighting the market for almost a decade, in 2021 we add Pintyplus Evolution Water-based, a water-based acrylic spray paint formulated in glossy RAL colors and that offers great performance: strength, durability, protection, flexibility and weather resistance. We had seventeen references from this range of products: thirteen glossy RAL colors, two matte RAL colors and two varnishes, one matte and one glossy.

In 2022 we decided to continue betting on this range of paints that has to be our standard in the future and we have expanded by up to eighteen more references: eleven glossy colors, four matte colors and three metallic colors.

It is a great milestone in our sector to have managed to formulate gold, silver and copper colors in water-based spray. In addition, contrary to what might be thought, these aerosol metallic paints have great performance in terms of coverage, drying and ease of use, as well as resistance, duration, protection, flexibility and many other characteristics necessary to offer a great product intended for DIY.

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Metallic colors in water-based