Acrylic spray paint, solid RAL, fluorescent and metallic colors, ultra-fast drying and easy to use

Valid for use both indoors and outdoors. It provides excellent protection and a smooth uniform finish.  Suitable for painting on wood, metal, stone, plastic, and many other surfaces.

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Water-Based RAL acrylic paint

Evolution water-based it’s a more friendly formula for the user and the environment. Has no odor and is suitable for the most delicate surfaces.

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Alkyd spray paint with excellent adherence and resistance indoors and outdoors

Paint of great value for money with high flexibility and adherence on multiple surfaces. It is used in DIY projects and professional and domestic repairs.

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Water-based paint designed to paint all objects at home

No odor matte finish paint suitable for decorative objects, furniture and big surfaces such as wall sections, gates, doors and more.

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Chalk spray paint for vintage decoration and shabby chic

Ultra matte water-based paint with a velvety appearance and pastel colors. Perfect for furniture restoration.

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Water-based spray paint for DIY, crafts and fine arts

More respectful of the environment. Ideal for painting indoors and perfect for decoration and crafts. Suitable for wood, cardboard, plaster, metal and all surfaces. Designed for DIY, Scrapbooking, Mix Media and crafts in general.

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Family of spray paints and accessories for fine arts, artistic projects and crafts

Different types of spray with which you can fix, prime, adhere, prepare any surface and carry out professional artistic work anywhere. Art & Craft is the right choice if you are dedicated to artistic projects, crafts and fine arts.

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Technical aerosol paints for professional and domestic use

Designed to paint household appliances, steel, iron, galvanized, gates, fences, doors and other exterior objects. It consists of high-quality primers for professional and DIY projects. With these sprays, you can renew objects and surfaces damaged by the passage of time and oxidation.

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Automotive spray products

Family of aerosols specially designed for the automotive world. You will find specialized paints for brake calipers, bumpers, wheels and others. Also filler and brake cleaner.

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Lubricants & silicone spray products

To remove rust, moisture, dirt and solve adhesion problems. It consists of five complementary sprays such as multipurpose oils, lubricants, silicones, release agents and PTFE grease.

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Displays and accessories.

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