Pintyplus Evolution ACRYLIC spray paint

Extra-quick drying RAL acrylic spray paint. Suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. It provides an excellent protection and a smooth uniform finish. It adheres perfectly on any kind of support: wood, metal, stone and some plastics.

Applications for the acrylic spray paint

Pintyplus Evolution having a fast drying is perfect for painting surfaces where quick manipulation is needed. Available in standard RAL colors for maintenance purposes or just for painting decorative objects. Its applications can be as diverse as imaginative: from industrial equipment, pipes or engineering pieces to decorative objects such as chairs, benches, garden tables or even chandeliers.

Pintyplus Evoluion Black

Technical characteristics

  • Sizes 270/200ml and 520/400ml.
  • Spreading 200ml = 1 m2. 400ml = 2 m2.
  • Total drying time in 15 minutes.
  • Repainted after 5 minutes.
  • Heat resistance 100 ºC

How to apply the acrylic spray paint

The surface to be painted must be clean, dry and free of any contaminants.

Shake the can vigorously for 1 minute after the mixing balls sound (except the gloss varnish, which does not contain it). Spray from a distance of 25/30 cm, applying thin and quick layers, first horizontally and then vertically. It is advisable to spray two thin layers instead of one thick layer in order to obtain uniform coverage and avoid paint sags.

Once the operation is completed reverse the can and push the nozzle until only gas comes out in order to prevent nozzle clogging.

Recommendations for use of the Pintyplus Evolution spray paint

To achieve perfect anchorage and protection, treat the surface with our Pintyplus Universal Primer.

For maximum fluorescence, we recommend previously applying a layer of Pintyplus Universal Primer giving two thin layers and allow dry before applying the chosen color.

On painted surfaces, if properly adhered proceed with a light sanding to facilitate adherence, and if poorly adhered, remove it.

To facilitate the cleaning of the surface of paint residues, we recommend using the Paint Stripper Pintyplus Tech.

Test prior to use on a sample or fragment of the field to be used to prevent incompatibilities.

Start and finish spraying outside the limits of the work.

Do not use on devices connected to the electrical network and apply in ventilated areas.

Once empty, the spray must be deposited in the yellow container.









Actual color may vary from on-screen representation. To confirm your color choices prior to purchase, please view a physical color chart made with stickers painted with real paint, color card, or painted sample available at your local point of sale.