New design of our product Pintyplus Tech Permanent Adhesive

During 2023 we have renewed the desing of some of our products to adapt them to the current trends. The design of the spray can is the first call to attention of the product, usually placed on a display or a shelf, to an end consumer who enters a store either to buy spray paint or any other product.

Aesthetic trends change and we have the duty to understand them and apply the necessary changes.

The Pintyplus Tech Permanent Adhesive spray has been one of the affected products by this change in trend.

We wanted to change its color, to make it more attractive, since it is a type of high-consumption aerosol to permanently join pieces of wood, plastic, iron, polystyrene, cork, soft plastics and other materials.

In addition, we have included a series of messages on the can so that its functionality is better understood: stable bonding, all surfaces and strong adhesive, so as not to raise doubts and so that the consumer understands that they are looking at a product that ensures permanent and long-lasting bonds