What has been the international growth of Pintyplus spray paint? In what year did Novasol and the Pintypus brand begin to make a name for themselves in international markets? Novasol has placed a lot of trust in this project from the beginning. The internationalization of the Pintyplus brand was an objective marked by the company […]

In January 2021, we launched Pintyplus Evolution Water-based, a water-based acrylic paint in glossy and matte RAL colors with excellent performance: a paint that dries quickly compared to other water-based paints; has good coverage, excellent gloss and great long-term features: resistance, weather preservation, protection of objects and hardness and flexibility. Technical characteristics: Spreading 2 m2. […]

This past weekend the Pintyplus giveaway became a reality in collaboration with Gisela, our brand ambassador. The winners enjoyed a weekend in Valencia at a 4-star hotel with tickets for the musical “Es una lata el trabajar”, in which Gisela stars alongside her partner from “Operación Triunfo”. Additionally, the winners had the opportunity to meet […]

In our effort to continue as the leading spray paint brand in the hardware and DIY sector, we have developed the My Pintyplus virtual space during 2021. A space for our professional clients, both stores and distributors. This platform aims to expand the service that the brand provides to its customers. Everything has changed during […]

Last Monday, November 22, 2021, Pintyplus participated as a sponsor in the “VII Jornadas Jóvenes Ferreteros” organized by C de Comunicación, which was held at the Kitchen Club event center in Madrid. The day before we participated in the dinner that the Hardware and DIY Magazine had organized for what we arrived a day earlier […]

TEB  is a Cooperative Group formed by eight cooperatives that provide coverage to more than 650 people with functional diversity. They started in 1968 from a civic initiative and now have eight centers and multiple actions to make the lives of the people they help much better. When we were asked if we could participate […]

In the last decade, Novasol Spray S.A has achieved great growth thanks to the consolidation and evolution of its Pintyplus spray paint brand. A widely recognized brand in the world of DIY, creativity, DIY, domestic and industrial maintenance, as well as in various professional sectors. Its increasingly wide range of products fulfills its mission: to […]

There are many myths around spray paint. Several of them are based on the fact that it is a highly polluting product, harmful to the ozone layer, that it is not recyclable … but you have to go in parts, things have changed and will continue to do so, aerosol is a technologically sustainable product. Spray […]

Interview with Ramon Ferrer, CEO of Novasol Spray, SA Ramón Ferrer CEO of Novasol, This year marks the 40th anniversary of the company packaging Spray paint; What is the mission and vision of Novasol Spray, SA? Turning 40 is a milestone for all of us who work at Novasol Spray. Although I do not like to […]

Novasol Spray S.A., the company that manufactures and distributes the Pintyplus spray paint brand, celebrates 40 years. This year 2021 Novasol Spray S.A., the company that invents, manufactures, and distributes the Pintyplus spray paint brand, celebrates 40 years. Four decades are many and more in a business like this. Forty years ago aerosols were unknown […]

Pintyplus water-based spray paints Pintyplus water-based spray paints are born out of the need to take better care of the environment and users. They are paintings of difficult development, which owe their existence to the work of the R&D departments, marking the path that the sector must follow in the future: cleaner aerosols, which do […]