Spray paint has become an essential tool for the construction industry, interior design and building engineering. At the 41st Edition of the CONSTRUMA fair, held at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition, the latest trends in spray paint products were presented. Novasol Trading KFT, the exclusive distributor of Pintyplus products for Hungary, participated in this […]

At Pintyplus we have always opted for evolution and innovation, in search of new products and solutions that can satisfy the needs of our customers. The constant improvement of the brand is due to its commitment to offering quality products that facilitate the life and experience of the end user. This is one of the […]

Pintyplus is positioned as the leading spray paint brand in Spain and constantly strives to offer an excellent service to its customers. Since its beginning, the brand has focused its sales on retailers, having a presence throughout the country through hardware stores, paint stores, industrial supplies, fine art stores, and similar. The brand has stood […]

Following the line of growth and improvement in the manufacture and commercialization of spray paint, at the end of 2022, we undertook different internal actions to learn first-hand the thinking of the company, which is summarized in the thinking of its workers and international distributors. We asked questions such as what would you highlight about […]

As everyone involved in the manufacture of aerosols knows, spray factories work with various elements that, combined, are the product. Spray paint is made up of paint (resin, solvent, pigments…), gas, and the package, which is the sum of the tin, and the different mechanisms by which spraying is achieved. For an aerosol factory to […]

Flagship product of 2022

December 27, 2022

For a company like Pintyplus it is essential to be at the forefront of technical spray products. At the beginning of 2022 we were able to formulate, design and commercialize a product that has turned out to be a success: Pintyplus Tech Sealer. It is a spray rubber paint capable of sealing and waterproofing cracks […]

During December it is common to see in the hardware sector offers specially designed for the Christmas campaign. From Pintyplus, for this time of year we have created a  special endcap for Bricofusta, one of our best clients in Barcelona. In it we have proposed an assortment of metallic paints so that customers who purchase […]

Last Friday Frédéric Berger, Commercial Director, and Kevin Prados, Marketing Director of the Pintyplus brand, attended the Neo Pro presentation. From Pintyplus we celebrate the appearance of this new company that does so from the desire to be a leading player in the Spanish hardware world. We absolutely share the basis of their project, which […]

With the perspective of the weeks, we can take stock of this past September and October, which are very important months in our sector. This balance necessarily includes Expocadena, the Ehlis – Cadena 88 fair, where we have broken records as a brand in the year in which the fair itself has surpassed its history […]

What has been the international growth of Pintyplus spray paint? In what year did Novasol and the Pintypus brand begin to make a name for themselves in international markets? Novasol has placed a lot of trust in this project from the beginning. The internationalization of the Pintyplus brand was an objective marked by the company […]

In January 2021, we launched Pintyplus Evolution Water-based, a water-based acrylic paint in glossy and matte RAL colors with excellent performance: a paint that dries quickly compared to other water-based paints; has good coverage, excellent gloss and great long-term features: resistance, weather preservation, protection of objects and hardness and flexibility. Technical characteristics: Spreading 2 m2. […]