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Pintyplus Evolution

Pintyplus Evolution

The most famous acrylic spray paint on the Spanish market expands its range in 15 colors. In this case, there will be six in a gloss finish, as most already are, but as an important novelty, the incorporation of nine matte colors that are neither black nor white stands out. This way, the point of sale will be able to directly and easily offer the matte colors with the highest rotation on the market.

Underbody Coating

This year we launched a new product from the Pintyplus Auto range. This is an anti-gravel spray to protect the underbody of the car from impacts from stones and other materials that can damage this surface. It is also used in high humidity environments, because the coating is so firm and powerful that it creates a barrier against corrosion. Likewise, it is used to protect the most sensitive parts of the vehicle in high salinity environments. You can find more information about Underbody Coating spray here.

Label Remover

We also launched the Label Remover spray, a product designed for home use with which you can easily remove price, advertising or packaging labels. This is a product that must be sprayed near the label that you want to remove, let it act for a few minutes, and then proceed to scrape off the label. More information about Label Remover Spray.

Air Dust Remover

It is a product to remove dust and dirt from electrical, electronic and photographic devices and to remove dirt in hard-to-reach spaces. To use it, the components to be cleaned must not be connected to electrical current. For more information about Air Dust Remover spray you can visit the product page.