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New Products Pintyplus 2022

Launching new products is always a reason for celebration for a brand like ours. We have been packaging chemical aerosol products for more than forty years, our specialty is paints and even today we feel the excitement of the first day when we launched a new spray on the market.

Pintyplus Chalk paint in spray in Light Lavender and Dark Lavender colors

Pintyplus Chalk lavender colors

Since 2015 we have been manufacturing this water-based product. We were the first to achieve a chalk finish spray and we have preserved its essence: velvety touch, easily sandable, with a long-lasting effect and no odors. Perfect for furniture restoration and decoration.

This 2022 we launch two lavender colors to give our users a greater number of possibilities.

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Lavender Colors Pintyplus Chalk

Sealer in Spray Pintyplus Tech

This spray paint in 650 format will add a lot of value to the shelves of our hardware stores, supplies and paint stores.

Formulated on a rubber base, it is a special paint to cover, seal and waterproof cracks, crevices or holes. Available in three colors: black, white and grey. With Pintyplus Sealer in spray anyone can waterproof or repair a roof, terrace, tile or other surfaces that prevent the passage of water.

You will find more information at:

Sealer in spray Pintyplus Tech 

Pintyplus Tech Sealer in spray

Pintyplus Auto Gloss Varnish in spray

Gloss Varnish Pintyplus Auto

In 2022 we also continue to increase our number of references for the automotive world with this spray varnish.

It has an exceptional gloss and will give car parts resistance, hardness and flexibility, qualities necessary for their care. Very useful for rims, protect other parts and brake calipers because it is a high temperature resistant varnish.

Find out more at:

Gloss Varnish Pintyplus Auto

Pintyplus Art & Craft Mirror Effect

A spray paint with which you can achieve two finishes: an ultra-shiny silver effect or turn a transparent object into a mirror.

To do this you will have to apply many thin layers in the opposite side to the one you want to become a mirror. Specially designed to create creativity and to encourage inspiration.

Find out more at:

Mirror Effect Pintyplus Art&Craft

Pintyplus Art&Craft Mirror Effect Spray Paint