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Pintyplus, spray paint for decoration and professional use

pintura para madera

Spray paint for Wood

Do you want to paint Solid Wood, Chipboard, MDF, etc?

Spray painting over wood is quick and easy. Thanks to the Pintyplus range of paints Chalk Paint, Evolution, Home, Basic, and Aqua you can paint your wooden furniture, chairs, cabinets, etc… There are a wide variety of styles with which you can paint your wooden objects and surfaces.

Paint Wood

Spray paint for Metal

¿Do you need to paint over Metal surfaces?

Pintyplus has specific spray paints to paint over iron, steel, galvanized, and other metals with a professional finish in a comfortable and easy way. With Pintyplus spray paints you can achieve different finishes for metal chairs, tables, doors, bars, and fences.

Paint Metal

pintura para metal

pintura para plastico

Spray paint for Plastics

Give your plastic objects a new appearance by painting them with spray paint

Paint any indoor or outdoor plastic object with Pintyplus paints suitable for plastic. Paint your garden chairs, tables, etc… Use Pintyplus Tech Plastic Primer for those difficult plastics to get greater anchorage and achieve a professional finish.

Paint Plastic

Spray paint for Home Decoration

Renew the decoration of your house as many times as you want.

Spray paint is perfect for decorating any object, plastics, wood, metal, etc. in an easy, fast, comfortable, and clean way. If you want to decorate your house and give it a new style or simply recover the shine and make it look new, you can do it with Pintyplus spray paint.

Paint and Decorate

pintura para decorar