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Pintyplus is the leading spray paint brand in Spain. If you want to purchase one of our products, look here for where to buy Pintyplus spray paint.

Our company philosophy is to focus on local commerce. We work to be in all towns, cities and neighborhoods, betting on the type of business that values the direct relationship between people, personalized, friendly and close advice.

Our great family of collaborators

Here you can see our distribution map. We are in more than 40 countries around the world. From large stores to family stores, Pintyplus has established itself as a benchmark product in its range, being recognized in more than half the world as a product of proven quality.

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Find the nearest store to you on this map. At Pintyplus, we work to ensure that you can access any of our products at any of our retail locations. We make it easy for you to choose where to buy Pintyplus spray paint.

Find your nearest store

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Points of sale only visibles in some countries. If you don’t see any point, please visit our country distributor shown with the blue label.

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