Pintyplus Evolution will expand its range with matt colors

For a few years Pintyplus has dominated the Spanish hardware market for acrylic spray paints.

Its emblem has been Pintyplus Evolution, a spray paint that perfectly meets the expectations of consumers who go to a hardware store to buy the product: fast drying , ease of use, coverage and durability.

Now, with a clear intention of continuing to build loyalty in this sector, the leading brand of spray paint at a national level intends to expand its star family with new matt colors, giving consumers the opportunity to choose several finishes of the same RAL, not only being able to paint in a matte finish with whites and blacks.

In this way, it is intended to create greater expectations among consumers in hardware stores. They are also products designed, as the color chart, to create a business opportunity for stores with respect to aluminum frames in the carpentry sector. In paint stores, where the brand also has a large presence, matte colors have become an unavoidable need, which for many years has been alleviated with water-based products for decoration such as Pintyplus Chalk and Pintyplus Home, or Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based.

This launch of matt colors in the Evolution range will be followed by an extension of references in a glossy finish to continue with the expansion of the family of acrylic spray paints.