At Pintyplus we are in luck. This 2023 we had already expanded our Pintyplus Evolution acrylic spray paint range with fifteen new references, highlighting the incorporation of nine matte colors that are neither black nor white. Thus, the point of sale that relies on Pintyplus now has the option of offering the colors with the highest rotation in the spray paint market in a fast and direct way.

In addition, the brand continues to focus on expanding the range of its glossy finish products in order to provide a major response to the demands of points of sale, which are increasingly looking forward to offering a wide range of colors to end consumers.

As already mentioned, Pintyplus Evolution is an acrylic spray paint with a great acceptance among the Spanish and European public.

Its most outstanding features are:

  • It dries very fast, in only fifteen minutes.
  • It is very easy to use, within the reach of any user.
  • It is a paint of great coverage, you will get an opaque layer in a single pass.
  • The finish is professional, with a great brightness and leveling.

Besides to this range expansion, the brand has expanded its portfolio with three new technical products.


The label remover spray is a product of domestic application that basically removes labels and other types of adhesives from glass, wood, plastic and other materials. It has a great acceptance among the final consumer because it is a widespread practice to reuse glass and plastic jars to give them a new use.


This is a spray product for removing dirt from difficult corners and for cleaning electronic accessories and electrical components. It is essential that these objects are unplugged from the power supply. It is a highly demanded product for day-to-day use, especially for work in offices and with photographic, electrical and other components where dust accumulates and is difficult to remove quickly.


This is a new product in the brand’s range of car and automotive sprays that emphasizes the preservation of the underbody of vehicles. We are talking about a black anti-gravel spray paint that serves to protect this area against the impact of stones, rocks and other sediments that can damage the machine. In addition, its firm, hard coating protects against humidity and is ideal for areas with high salinity.