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At Pintyplus we are in luck. This 2023 we had already expanded our Pintyplus Evolution acrylic spray paint range with fifteen new references, highlighting the incorporation of nine matte colors that are neither black nor white. Thus, the point of sale that relies on Pintyplus now has the option of offering the colors with the […]

Pintyplus is positioned as the leading spray paint brand in Spain and constantly strives to offer an excellent service to its customers. Since its beginning, the brand has focused its sales on retailers, having a presence throughout the country through hardware stores, paint stores, industrial supplies, fine art stores, and similar. The brand has stood […]

Following the line of growth and improvement in the manufacture and commercialization of spray paint, at the end of 2022, we undertook different internal actions to learn first-hand the thinking of the company, which is summarized in the thinking of its workers and international distributors. We asked questions such as what would you highlight about […]

As everyone involved in the manufacture of aerosols knows, spray factories work with various elements that, combined, are the product. Spray paint is made up of paint (resin, solvent, pigments…), gas, and the package, which is the sum of the tin, and the different mechanisms by which spraying is achieved. For an aerosol factory to […]

What has been the international growth of Pintyplus spray paint? In what year did Novasol and the Pintypus brand begin to make a name for themselves in international markets? Novasol has placed a lot of trust in this project from the beginning. The internationalization of the Pintyplus brand was an objective marked by the company […]

In the last decade, Novasol Spray S.A has achieved great growth thanks to the consolidation and evolution of its Pintyplus spray paint brand. A widely recognized brand in the world of DIY, creativity, DIY, domestic and industrial maintenance, as well as in various professional sectors. Its increasingly wide range of products fulfills its mission: to […]

Pintyplus water-based spray paints Pintyplus water-based spray paints are born out of the need to take better care of the environment and users. They are paintings of difficult development, which owe their existence to the work of the R&D departments, marking the path that the sector must follow in the future: cleaner aerosols, which do […]