Pintyplus spray paint stands out for its ease of use

Following the line of growth and improvement in the manufacture and commercialization of spray paint, at the end of 2022, we undertook different internal actions to learn first-hand the thinking of the company, which is summarized in the thinking of its workers and international distributors.

We asked questions such as what would you highlight about the Pintyplus sprays or what audience do you think we are addressing. Although it would not be convenient to reveal the information that we extracted in its entirety, it does seem appropriate to share with all of you what all our workers, as well as our international distributors, highlighted about our sprays: the ease of use.

This confirms to us that the strategic desires of management and R&D are not only ideal but are materialized in a quality that is perceived by the team and by end consumers. This quality stands out from this survey because the feedback that each of the professionals who are in charge of any of the processes by which the spray reaches the hands of the end consumer points to this: Pintyplus, the leading company in Spain for spray paint, manufactures and commercializes aerosols that are easy to use, aimed at both domestic and professional audiences that need to carry out embellishment and maintenance work quickly, easily and safely.

Another of the brand’s outstanding characteristics is its strategy for the future: Pintyplus is one of the world’s leading brands with a firm commitment to evolving towards products that are friendlier to the environment. This is demonstrated by its range of water-based paints and its introduction into markets as powerful as the United States thanks to these premium formulations.