Bogdan Marseu Export Director at Novasol Spray, SA

What has been the international growth of Pintyplus spray paint? In what year did Novasol and the Pintypus brand begin to make a name for themselves in international markets?

Novasol has placed a lot of trust in this project from the beginning. The internationalization of the Pintyplus brand was an objective marked by the company from very early on.

The Pintyplus brand, commercializes in Spain since 1981, during a long time has been one of the favorite brands of customers due to the continuous effort of the entire team since the company was founded.

We have had to adapt to each of the times, and that would not have been possible without the involvement of all the departments of the company and how everyone believed at the time that Pintyplus could be a brand with international reach. We also owe a lot to our distributors, one in each country of the many in which we find ourselves, who fight day by day for the brand.

As the growth has been sustainable and sustained, we have been able to understand the needs of each market and that has made us get the decisions we have had to make right.

It is at the end of 2009 when this project started with real strength, and currently, the brand is distributed on three continents with a turnover that reaches 35% of the company’s total turnover, a large part of this percentage is currently carried out in Europe.

What do you think are the keys of the brand for this to have happened?

The secret is in each one of us who make up this team, the #pintyplus team. We are motivated by the same ideals, we follow the company’s philosophy and we align ourselves to be more competitive and effective. Now the keys lie in a cleaner and greener future, we are all making an effort to adapt to the times that are coming and participate in the positive changes that we will all have to make for the future. We are all chasing the spray paint of the future.

What are the main markets?

The main markets are the countries of the European continent, with exclusive partners that represent the brand in almost all of them. We just began to have a prominent presence in the American continent. We are also on the African continent, but to a lesser extent.

What are the trends in the international market for spray paint in 2022?

They are bookmarked by end users based on the products and new applications they discover. We are talking about a multitude of colors and a multitude of trends characterized by the appearance of the colors, which can be less or more vivid, with a finer or rougher touch, in a gloss, satin or matte finish… our job is to offer all the possibilities so that users set the trends.

What kind of projects do you think the final consumer does with the Pintyplus spray?

It is simple to answer, our range is very wide, our clients are very diverse. From home users to the professional sector. Lately, the demand for aerosol products has increased. Digitization plays a very important role. But only if the right tools are used. In our case, I can mention the marketing department that knows in depth and uses these tools to send customers correct communication. This is widely discussed among all company departments to ensure full customer satisfaction.

On what type of shops is Pintyplus sold in international markets?

The launch of the brand was characterized by a slow process. This slow process has given us constant growth. But it also provided us with a permanent evolution. Discovering new needs and markets that could only be covered with the skills of our chemical laboratory, adjusting the smallest details to convince and gain the trust of the end customer.

The traditional channel such as hardware stores, paint shops, etc. it is the channel that propelled us. It is the channel that we protect because it is the one that we know the most, something that all our partners know. DIY chains are also a clear objective for the development and presence of the brand in different markets where the traditional channel has been suffering more and more recently. We are talking exclusively about countries that are not Spain. Here, luckily, the traditional market is in great health.

Are water-based paints evolving at the same rate in all markets? What kind of consumer philosophy do you think is behind the sale of water-based paints?

The evolution of water-based paints depends on many factors. What was future ten years ago, today is present. What ten years ago were seen as things that were never going to come are now the daily basis. Social awareness regarding environment and the need to preserve the health of the planet, for example. The understanding of all this forces the evolution and, in our case, the impulse of this technology.

How is 2022 planned in terms of new distributors at an international level?

The growth of the company is also an evolutionary process, which is also complex, but it has been shown on countless occasions that it is good, and this is thanks to the decisions of managers who have believed in a specific philosophy and have followed it strictly. We still have a lot to prove in all the markets where we have already found a niche. We have become a necessity in many of them. The strategic objectives of the company are clear, growth in the markets in which we already are.