Pintyplus will expand its production capacity with a new paint manufacturing area

As everyone involved in the manufacture of aerosols knows, spray factories work with various elements that, combined, are the product.

Spray paint is made up of paint (resin, solvent, pigments…), gas, and the package, which is the sum of the tin, and the different mechanisms by which spraying is achieved.

For an aerosol factory to function at full capacity, it is essential to efficiently coordinate different phases. The previous areas where the different elements are prepared or stored to achieve a spray have to work at full capacity.

To achieve an even better performance than we have and which has led us to be the leaders in the manufacture and commercialization of spray paint in Spain, we have devised a new paint manufacturing area. This is the most important element of our products, since it is the one that remains on the object or surface that we have painted, that is, the paint remains while the other elements disappear.

Work begins next week at our facilities to improve our paint production system. With this remodeling we will gain:

  • Profitability in the manufacture of paints to be packaged in our sprays.
  • Flexibility to automate and digitize production processes.
  • Safety due to a better sectorization of the different process areas.
  • Safety due to the installation of new active and passive equipment in the fight against fires.
  • Safety and health of the workers designing the facilities, improving these points.
  • Respecting the environment even more, installing VOC’s extraction systems and better control of possible spills.
  • Better distribution of the production process (factory lay-out)

We continue working in the future to improve our surroundings and environment, our products and their marketing and, above all, the conditions of our employees, who are the heart and soul of a company like ours.