Pintyplus spray paint evolves thanks to collaboration

In the last year, our company has gone through a series of changes and expansions that have forced us to outsource services. During this period of transformation, we have committed ourselves to providing a quality service, understanding that it was necessary for our clients not to notice any change. Today, we are very grateful for the valuable collaborations we have established with four exceptional companies: ProCoat technologies, S.L., Chemifloor, S.A., Highchemie and FIPSA, S.A. These alliances have been essential to facilitate our growth process and strengthen our capabilities. Now, we can proudly announce that we are producing our paints again in our facilities, with an improved process, safer and with greater capacity, something that is allowing us to be even better than we were a year ago.

We also want to thank the efforts of our managers and technicians who have been able to lead and coordinate this process with professionalism and determination.

We have verified the importance of strategic alliances to achieve objectives, we have learned and we have felt rewarded. We deeply recognize and value the commitment of people, excellence and the spirit shown by all. Our appreciation to all of them.