Pintyplus Wall Paint: A Revolution for Paint Stores and Hardware Shops

This spring, Pintyplus is once again revolutionizing the market with a new product that could be one of the major breakthroughs of 2024 in the sector. Introducing a spray paint designed for indoor wall painting, whether it be at home or in offices, factories, warehouses, supermarkets, etc.

Pintyplus Tech Wall Paint is engineered as an alternative to traditional plastic paint, rollers, brushes, trays, solvents, and other tools. This alternative aims to save time and effort by allowing users to avoid costly preparations and subsequent cleaning and maintenance of tools. With Pintyplus Wall Paint, the pioneering water-based spray paint company in Spain offers the possibility of painting 10 square meters of white wall in just ten minutes. Afterwards, you can simply dispose of the can in the yellow recycling bin without any further concerns.

This aerosol comes in a 600ml/800cc format. It is an acrylic paint with a water base, resulting in minimal odor and containing only a small amount of alcohol as a solvent. It is technologically designed to provide a fan spray that facilitates quick application and even coverage. It boasts high coverage power, capable of hiding stains and discolored areas in a single pass. Formulated in RAL 9016 with an ultra-matt finish, the paint dries in 10 minutes but fully cures in one to two days, depending on the environment. Once dry, the surface is washable.

Currently, this product faces no competition in the market, and according to the brand, the initial feedback from customers has been very positive, predicting promising results. In the consumer sector, it is expected to be highly popular, particularly in homes with children and pets where wall stains are common. It is also ideal for quickly refreshing walls when time is limited, and the rooms’ appearance shows signs of aging.

Professional Performance

Additionally, this product has undergone rigorous testing in the professional sector. Several painters have praised it, impressed by its coverage and final appearance. They highlight its ease of use and foresee it becoming indispensable for quick jobs in small spaces such as bathrooms, changing rooms, light wells, hallways, stairs, or hard-to-reach corners.

The three conditions professionals demand for believing in a product have been met by this spray: the paint does not leave a gloss finish, there are no visible brush strokes, and it is washable once dry.

To achieve these results, it is important to apply the paint correctly. You should spray close to the surface, about 10cm away, to ensure good leveling and to avoid dust generation. Spraying from further away can cause paint particles to dry in the air before reaching the wall, settling on the floor. By spraying close, this problem is eliminated, and any minor dust generated can be easily swept away when dry.

Another feature that professionals highly appreciate is that the paint does not leave gloss spots. This is especially noticeable in areas with natural lighting. If the paint were to leave glossy patches, they would appear as shiny spots on an otherwise white wall. However, if the product is applied as directed, the paint blends in seamlessly, creating a matt finish without any shine. It is important, they advise, to shake the can thoroughly to ensure proper mixing and to spray a few times outside the target area to clear the nozzle.

Professionals also emphasize the paint’s leveling quality. Initially, while drying, brush strokes may be visible, particularly in naturally lit areas. However, once the paint is completely dry and cured, it blends into the wall without showing any strokes or gloss. A slight change in tone might be noticeable if the previous paint was not RAL 9016, but the product still manages to blend the color difference well.

Finally, once dry, the paint is washable. For example, if you write on it with a pencil, you can wipe the mark with a damp cloth, and the paint will remain intact.