Packs of labels for the display and the shelves

From Pintyplus we are pleased to present the label packs for the display and the shelves. The objective is threefold:

  • Help stores with product replacement.
  • Beautify the product in-store image and help the final consumer choose.
  • Provide product and range information.

The labels are adjusted by a very high percentage to the real color of the paint. There is a label for each reference in our Pintyplus catalogue. They include:

1) RAL coding

2) Color name

3) Finish

4) The product code of the company

5) The Pintyplus product family

6) The barcode

The measurement of each label is 4cm wide and 2.5cm high.

This action is added to others that Pintyplus has launched in recent years with the aim of offering a lot of added value to its customers and that the sale of our products at the pointof sale is effective and satisfactory.Because we are much more than a spray paint.