Pintyplus collaborates with Grup Cooperatiu TEB in the renovation of spaces

TEB  is a Cooperative Group formed by eight cooperatives that provide coverage to more than 650 people with functional diversity.

They started in 1968 from a civic initiative and now have eight centers and multiple actions to make the lives of the people they help much better. When we were asked if we could participate in a solidarity activity with them, helping the people of the welfare center of Sant Andreu, we said yes without hesitation.

Painting forty plastic chairs with Pintyplus acrylic spray paint:

The action consisted of spray-painting 40 plastic chairs in one of their common areas. As we have said many times, taking care of the environment where we carry out activities or live is essential to feel comfortable and give the best of ourselves.

TEB y Pintyplus

To undertake the project, which has been carried out by a group of young people from the
center, we have had the disinterested help of Steeffido who has guided them in priming and painting the chairs. Moreover, many people who work at the center and also from Pintyplus participated.

Prime and paint with spray paint:

The center’s users have used Pintyplus plastic primer to prepare the surface of the forty chairs
in record time: Pintyplus Tech Plastic Primer is very easy to apply, clear, has
high performance, and dries in just 15 minutes. For this project, drying time was essential to
accomplish the project in a single morning.
Once the chairs were primed, we have painted them in three different colors from the
Pintyplus Evolution range: Light Ivory RAL 1015, Flame Red RAL 3000, and Traffic Blue RAL
5017. The experience has been amazing, the users from the center have been able to learn how to paint with spray paint: from a distance of 25cm to avoid dripping and applying quick and thin layers to achieve a good leveling. They have been really amazed by the paint coverage to see how the chair changed its color in a single layer.

Spray paint is fun and inclusive

It has been shown that spray paint is not only useful but fun and inclusive. They have had a great time painting with our products and the forty chairs.
Pintyplus is committed to getting involved with society to improve it as much as possible. Now the common room of this center looks much more beautiful and will surely accompany TEB activities with more joy, helping them to develop in the best possible conditions.

TEB y Pintyplus