Ice remover spray Greenox

The Greenox Ice Remover spray for windscreens and locks is the essential tool for the winter months. As a defrosting agent and ice remover, the formulation especially developed for aerosols acts instantaneously on windscreens, windows, locks, headlights, mirrors and any part of the vehicle exposed to temperatures below freezing point. A small amount is sufficient to melt frost, snow or ice.

Size 520/400ml.

Directions of use

Before applying the product, remove snow in excess with a plastic scraper.

After this, shake the aerosol and spray 20 cm from the surface, applying the product from the top of the windscreen. Wait a few minutes and remove it with a plastic scraper or any similar object. If the frost layer is very thick, repeat the process.

To complete it, turn on the windscreen wiper to eliminate any remaining frost.

Recommendations for use of the greenox ice remover

After parking the car outdoors, apply a thin layer on the windscreen and any other surface, which you want to protect. This action will help prevent or delay the layer of frost.

Once empty, the aerosol must be thrown into the yellow bin.