Label Remover Pintyplus Tech

The quick and effective solution to remove adhesive residue

Pintyplus Tech Label Remover is the perfect ally to remove adhesive labels and adhesive residue easily and effectively. Applicable to glass, plastic, metal and wood, this spray product is applied directly to the label or residue.

It has to be left to act for a few minutes. Afterwards, the label and adhesive are removed by gently rubbing or scraping. Forget the hassle of labels stuck to your favorite objects or surfaces, and enjoy effortless cleaning.


  • Price labels on products and packaging.
  • Sticker adhesive residue on vehicles.
  • Adhesive labels on glass, plastic, metal and wood surfaces.

Main characteristics

Descaling power: Our Label Remover has a descaling power that quickly dissolves the adhesive, facilitating its removal without damaging the surface.

Domestic use: Ideal for applications at home, office or any environment where removal of unwanted labels and stickers is required.

Speed: Thanks to its effective formula, the removal process is fast and hassle-free.

Ease of use: Its spray format and its direct application make the cleaning process simple and accessible to everyone.

Technical characteristics

  • Format: Available in 400ml/520cc.
  • Performance: Covers up to 2m² of surface with one application.
  • Shelf life: With a useful life of 10 years, our Label Remover ensures optimal performance in multiple situations.

The Pintyplus Tech Label Remover is an essential item for day to day, its high utility and fast action make it essential in any home.

Free your objects and surfaces from annoying adhesive residues with Pintyplus Tech Label Remover. Discover the power of quick and effortless cleanup on all your unwanted labels and stickers. Order now and keep your objects always impeccable!

Recommendations for use

Do not use on equipment connected to the current and apply in ventilated places.

Once empty, the aerosol should be placed in the yellow container.