Christmas endcap in Bricofusta

During December it is common to see in the hardware sector offers specially designed for the Christmas campaign.

From Pintyplus, for this time of year we have created a  special endcap for Bricofusta, one of our best clients in Barcelona.

In it we have proposed an assortment of metallic paints so that customers who purchase their products at the hardware store can undertake decorations for these very important dates. Metallics, in gold, silver and copper, are in great demand during Christmas for decorating objects and spaces.

It is already known that these metallic colors convey elegance, fortune and good wishes for the future. That is why everyone decorates with shiny, chrome or metallic objects. If someone wants to make their own objects by painting with spray paint for decoration, this assortment is splendid.

Besides metallic paints we have added blacks and whites in gloss, matte, and satin finish. And two Christmas colors: red and green.

With this type of services, the brand seeks to enhance the possibilities of its products so that customers are satisfied.