Flagship product of 2022

For a company like Pintyplus it is essential to be at the forefront of technical spray products.

At the beginning of 2022 we were able to formulate, design and commercialize a product that has turned out to be a success: Pintyplus Tech Sealer.

It is a spray rubber paint capable of sealing and waterproofing cracks or crevices up to more than one centimeter wide.

The application of this product is special, although not for that reason difficult. It is about applying layers of rubber paint and thickening it. As it will be seen in the application, the paint ends up drying, forming a compact and hard mass. Once dry it is repaintable, for that reason it is easy to hide the repair. In any case, Pintyplus Tech Sealer is formulated in three colors: black, white and grey.

Pintyplus Tech Sellador de grietas

The drying time depends on the layer that we apply, which, in turn, depends on the thickness of the crack. From less layer to more layer, it is considered that the paint will be dry in one hour when we have applied enough product to seal and waterproof cracks a few millimeters thick, while the drying time for cracks up to more than one centimeter will be four hours.

This product has been developed for waterproofing, repairing and sealing pieces of masonry, pipes, gutters, roofs, tiles, terrace floors and walls.

In this video you can see the properties of this product: