Pintyplus, one more year assisting “Jóvenes Ferreteros”, conference organized by C de Counicación.

One more year we have assisted to this conference that we like so much. The topics that have arisen during the debate have been interesting so that we, as suppliers, understand the demands of the hardware stores and their needs.

Pintyplus Jóvenes Ferreteros

It is clear that hardware stores need brands that attend the points of sale with different resources that help boost sales by adding to the particularity and value proposition of a hardware store: a product is not sold, a solution is sold. This means that the person who lands in a hardware store to buy a product usually shows up there with a problem, and looks for a solution. Hardware stores provide a lot of value compared to other types of point of sales, such as supermarkets or even the Marketplace, offering a specialized and individualized service through which the end customer is advised on what products to buy to solve their issue.

Pintyplus Jóvenes Ferreteros

At Pintyplus we have grown looking for a service to our clients that complies with all of the aforementioned. We are a brand that believes in training, pedagogy and ease of use to get the spray to anyone, whether or not they are specialists in its use. That is why we are so devoted to the hardware sector, where more than half of the customers are private users looking for a quick, pleasant and simple solution to a domestic problem.

We will continue in this line to be the spray paint chosen by hardware stores.