Pintyplus will be a supplier of Neo Pro, a new hardware player in Spain

Last Friday Frédéric Berger, Commercial Director, and Kevin Prados, Marketing Director of the Pintyplus brand, attended the Neo Pro presentation.

From Pintyplus we celebrate the appearance of this new company that does so from the desire to be a leading player in the Spanish hardware world.

We absolutely share the basis of their project, which is oriented towards service to the partner and, by extension, the solution of problems to the final consumer, who comes to the hardware store with a need and finds specialized and individualized attention; That is the added value of this type of business that combines added value with proximity and capillarity in all the country’s neighborhoods.

From Pintyplus we want to contribute to this project in the best way we know: providing proximity, pedagogy of spray paint and solutions in the form of products for everyday use and to make people’s lives better through color.