Lubricant spray Greenox

The lubricant spray Greenox is a special product to avoid corrosion and achieve a constant protection. Is the ideal multipurpose for home and DIY.

Applications for the lubricant spray

Eliminates friction and smooths joints and cogs. Greenox spray lubricant is perfect to lubricate locks, guns, fishing reels, etc. Highly penetrating with hydrofugal characteristics. It enables engines which have got wet to be started.

Greenox spray lubricant to lubricate locks

Size 210/150ml.

How to apply the lubricant spray Greenox

Shake slightly the can and spray till forming a film in order to lubricate and protect metallic surfaces.

To loosen rusted stuck seized parts, clean the piece and spray generously. Wait about two minutes for the product to penetrate.

To displace moisture, apply the product in excess till drips off, free of moisture.

Do not use on devices connected to the power grid and apply in ventilated areas.