Pintyplus Chalk Wax in spray

Wax in spray for Chalk Pintyplus

Pintyplus wax in spray for wood and surfaces painted with chalk paint. Provides a uniform and silky layer protecting the painted surfaces.

Applications for the wax in spray Pintyplus chalk

  • For the protection of untreated wood.
  • To renew the protection layer of wood previously treated with wax.
  • To protect the surface painted with Pintyplus chalk paint spray.
  • In all cases, it provides a silky and pleasant touch.

Wax in spray

Size 400ml.

How to use the wax in spray Pintyplus

Shake the can for a few seconds and spray the surface. Once applied and with the aid of a rag or cotton cloth, we will polish the object assuring the spreading of the product evenly.

For surfaces previously painted with the Pintyplus chalk paint spray the process will be the same. Apply the product after one hour on top of the recently painted surfaces. Afterwards apply as usual.

Between layer and layer, wait 30 minutes so the wax is absorbed into the surface.

It is important to remark that the use of wax is mainly intended for the treatment of wood. For the surfaces previously painted with chalk paints or Pintyplus chalk spray paints, it is also very suitable because unlike other paints, our chalk paints keep the pores open. Therefore, wax sprays will not be suitable for those paints which seal the surfaces.

Recommendations for use of the wax in spray

Use the wax to enhance the tone of the chalk paint or the natural wood color.

Apply it to give a matt or slightly satin appearance.

Like other waxes, it will be necessary to renew the layers after a few months.

Do not use on equipment connected to the power and apply in ventilated places.

Once empty, the aerosol should be deposited in the yellow container.