Pre-filled Spray Can

The pre-filled aerosol is designed to be refilled in the point of sale with a solvent- based paint. Once filled, the product will be used as any other spray paint. Its applications, features or advantages will depend on the paint that was added.


The pre-filled aerosol developed for those who are looking for a very specific color or quality and for which there is no availability in the market.

The final application will depend on the qualities of the paint that it has been added. Ask your specialty dealers.

Technical characteristics

  • 520cc size aerosol with 300ml base to mix it with 100ml of paint.
  • Female valve.
  • Contains flammable solvents and propellants.
  • For use with solvent-based paint.
  • Compatible with most can filling machines on the market.

Instructions for use of the pre-filled sprays

This product is limited in a first phase to a professional use. Once it has been refilled with paint, the product will be ready for use in the global market.

The filling should only be done by a professional following the instructions of the manufacturer of the filling machines. Never attempt to make this operation at home or without the proper tools. An excess of quantity could cause the deformation of the spray can and even could cause the explosion of the can. The method of use once filled will be the usual of any spray painting:

Shake the spray can vigorously for 1 minute after hearing the sound of the mixing balls.

Spray from a distance of 25/30 cm, applying thin and fast layers, first in a horizontal and then in a vertical direction. It is advisable to give two thin layers instead of a thick one in order to obtain a uniform coverage and avoid paint sagging.

Once the operation is finished, invert the spray can and press until only the gas comes out in order to clean the nozzle.

Recommendations for pre-filled aerosol

The base contained by the prefilled aerosols is designed to be compatible with most formulas on the market. However, being universal, both the life of the filled can and the properties of the paint injected may be altered. Use Pintyplus Basic, Evolution, Tech, etc. for your professional work.

Use solvent-based paints whose compatibility with the pre-filled can has been previously checked. Novasol Spray cannot be held responsible for the quality or quantity of paint that is injected.

Do not use on equipment connected to the electric supply and apply the product in well-ventilated places.

Once empty, the aerosol should be deposited in the yellow container.