Silicone in spray Pintyplus Oil

Multipurpose Pintyplus silicone spray, high quality, colourless, odourless. Low toxicity. Resistant to fungus and bacteria. Repels moisture. Designed for an effective protection and lubrication of surfaces.

Size 650/500ml.

Applications for the silicone spray

  • Non stick mould-release spray: as release agent in de-moulding rubber, plastic parts and plaster.
  • Welding protector: permits the protection in welding work.
  • Polish: restores and polishes any kind of supports: vinyl, plastic, wood, leather, metallic surfaces, etc.
  • Waterproofing: waterproofs canopies, canvas, shoes, etc.

How to apply the Pintyplus silicone in spray

Do not use on devices connected to the power grid and apply in ventilated areas.

Spray from a distance of 30 cm. With only one application you obtain a thin and uniform layer, that in most cases it is enough.