Varnish in spray Pintyplus Auto

Glossy varnish in spray for the protection of different parts of the vehicle, especially those exposed to heat. Heat resistance up to 180ºC. High glossy finish and great resistance to scratching and weather conditions. 

Applications for gloss varnish in spray

Formulated to easily protect rims, brake calipers, mirrors, drums, hubcaps and other similar parts.

Technical characteristics

  • Size 400ml
  • Spreading = 2 m2
  • Superficial dry = 2h
  • Total dry = 4h
  • Transparent finish
  • Does not yellow

How to use gloss varnish in spray

The surface to be varnished must be clean, dry and free of any dirt.

Shake the can vigorously for 1 minute after hearing the mixing balls.

Spray from a distance of 25/30 cm., apply thin and quick layers, first horizontally and then vertically.  It is recommended to apply two thin coats instead of a thick one to achieve even coverage and avoid dripping.

Turn the can upside down and press until only gas comes out to clean the nozzle.

Recommendations for the use of varnish Auto

For the painting of vehicle parts, we recommend the products from Pintyplus Auto. Pintyplus Auto Gloss Varnish is compatible with any product of its range.

Make sure the paint is completely dry before varnishing.

Do not use on devices connected to the power grid and apply in ventilated areas.

Once empty, the can should be deposited in the yellow container.